Chiropractic for Children

and Adults

For The Whole Family

Rassel Chiropractic specializes in helping family members of all ages and sizes. Don’t take our word for it. See what our clients have to say.

Custom Tailored

As you move along in the healing process we monitor your body’s response and modify our techniques to further enhance your own natural healing.

Free Classes

Every Wednesday evening at 6:05 pm we offer our spinal health care class. This hour long class is free to the public, so please bring a family member or friend.

We Listen. We Care. We Get Results.

About Us

When you walk into our office the first people you will meet are either Melissa or Maria. They are always ready to help you in any of your office needs. Their smiles and sunny dispositions alone, are enough to make your day much more pleasant.

The next thing you’ll likely notice is our open, bright and comfortable waiting room. We want our patients as comfortable as possible, so we have several state-of-the-art massage chairs available in our waiting room. For our younger patients we have a special activity area with books and videos are available for them.

Dr. Charles Rassel and Dr. Ian Rassel

What others say about us

“Not only did Dr. Rassel help with my pains, but I don’t catch as many colds at work and rarely get headaches any more. Dr. Rassel also helped me significantly through my pregnancy, keeping my back aligned and the rest of me healthy and strong!”


“Dr Rassel has helped relieve most of my pain and helps me to function normally without the use of medicinal pain killers. The adjustments keep my whole body functioning as one and the supplements and exercises make me feel better about myself. The staff at Rassel Chiropractic are all very friendly, helpful and make my visits a pleasure!”


“I would recommend Dr. Rassel to others because he does a very good job.”

Mr. Nieto