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Additional Testimonials

I was first treated by a chiropractor when I was twenty-two years old. I’m now sixty-four and over the past 40 years I’ve moved around quite a bit and I’ve been treated by several chiropractors. The treatments were always for back pain and the treatment I received from all of the chiropractors was good – meaning my pain lessened over time.

However, my experience with Rassel Chiropractic has been very different. When I first saw them I was just a few months past my 61st birthday and I was, quite frankly, not in good shape at all. I went in to see them primarily because of a sore hip and leg, but really I was sore all over. I couldn’t walk a few blocks without feeling bad. I had a poor appetite, was underweight, had a sallow complexion, smoked half a pack of cigarettes every day and just didn’t feel good in general. I’d been in that space for nearly 5 years. Over those years I’d seen another chiropractor and even had acupuncture every month.

Dr. Charles and Dr. Ian convinced me that I needed more than just a few adjustments to treat my hip and leg. They put me on a complete program. One year later, I was walking over a mile a day (half of it up pretty steep hills), and was doing Yoga and strengthening exercises for an hour and a half a day. I was also going boogie-boarding in the ocean for an hour twice a week or more, (yes even in the winter).

I haven’t had a cigarette in more than 2 years, and I’ve added an hour a day in the gym 5 days a week to my exercise routine. I used to take anti-inflammatories (e.g Advil) way too often. For a few years I was taking 4 of them twice a day. I just realized the other day that I have only taken one of those in the past 3 months!

I continue to see them regularly and I think they are absolutely excellent chiropractors. They’ve been much more effective at improving the quality of my life than anything else I’ve tried, (and I’ve tried a lot over the course of my life!), and I am just happy as I can be to write a testimonial for them.

– 61 Years Young

Tammy is a patient and a new mother of a healthy baby boy. Tammy was introduced to our office because of neck and shoulder pain from long hours working on her computer and from knee and lower back pain from playing soccer.

“Not only did Dr. Rassel help with my pains, but I don’t catch as many colds at work and rarely get headaches any more. Dr. Rassel also helped me significantly through my pregnancy, keeping my back aligned and the rest of me healthy and strong!”

– Tammy

Mr. Nieto came to our office for spinal rehabilitation needed from a car accident. Because of the accident Mr. Nieto had difficulties sleeping and doing his job. Within a few weeks Mr. Nieto was back to where he was before the accident. After a month and a half, Mr. Nieto was feeling better than ever doing things he hadn’t done in ten years.

“I would recommend Dr. Rassel to others because he does a very good job.”

– Mr. Nieto

“I had a back problem pinching a nerve causing shingles. I went to 3 medical doctors with no success. After seeing my chiropractor for a week it was all cleared up!”

– Conrad

Conrad is an 85 year-old senior tennis champion who entered our office in desperation. Conrad says that maintenance chiropractic care keeps his body, nerves and muscles in top condition

Maureen is an instructional assistant for special education students who has suffered from fibromyalgia for many years. Her whole body had pains, aches and problems that kept her from standing, sitting, and doing her jobs at home and at work.

“Dr Rassel has helped relieve most of my pain and helps me to function normally without the use of medicinal pain killers. The adjustments keep my whole body functioning as one and the supplements and exercises make me feel better about myself. The staff at Rassel Chiropractic are all very friendly, helpful and make my visits a pleasure!”

– Maureen

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