New Patient Information

img_newpatientsAll of us experience some tension and stress the first time we arrive at a doctor’s office. Everything is new and a little strange and we’re usually in pain. This is when a genuine smile and interaction with someone who treats you as a person – not just a ‘customer’ goes a long way toward helping you feel better emotionally. And from the moment you walk in our door we want to do everything we can to help you feel better, so we hire receptionists who are not only efficient, courteous and polite, but ones who are genuinely friendly, cheerful and caring.

Sometimes you may have to wait a few minutes to see the doctor. We know that if your back hurts, sitting is very uncomfortable, and while we can’t eliminate that pain while you’re waiting we do provide massage chairs to make you as comfortable as possible and provide a little bit of immediate relief.

Each visit you make to our office is custom tailored to your needs. As you move along in the healing process we monitor your body’s response and modify our techniques to further enhance your own natural healing. Sometimes we may do additional stretching, or use cold laser therapy, ultra sound therapy, a different spinal manipulation, a short massage and other techniques. We may recommend basic exercises, dietary supplements as well as nutritional support.

We will always be suggesting to you various things you can do for yourself at home and work to further promote your own natural healing and general welfare. These suggestions are based on observations that we made during your first visit examination and on changes we observe in you as you continue treatment.

We personally enjoy interacting with our clients as though they are friends and family – not just strangers with a problem. In much the same way that good parents take care of their children because they want their kids to feel good and be happy we want our patients to feel good and be happy. This is where we find our satisfaction in life.
We have never turned anyone away because of financial difficulties and we offer creative finance options. Please provide insurance information so our staff can verify compatibility.