FREE Posture Evaluation and Chiropractic Exam at Rassel Chiropractic

Bring your Friends and your Backpacks and Join us, Wednesday, September 21!



Rassel Chiropractic Center will be hosting a Backpack Check Up on Wednesday, September 21st 2016 at 6:oo pm.

Our Doctors will be checking kid’s postures and fit of their backpacks to help ensure healthy spines and development. Each child will be checked individually so make sure to bring your family, friends and relatives and their backpacks!

Healthy snacks will be provided along with a list of healthy lunch recipes and a chance to win an Amazon fire tablet!



Backpack Check Includes:

Posture Check

Backpack Size-up

Open discussion with Parents

Healthy Snacks

Healthy Lunch Recipes


FREE Posture Evaluation and Chiropractic Exam for kids up to 18 years of age from September 22 – October 7, 2016!

Migraine Headaches

Without medication, injections, botox or surgery, you can overcome or greatly reduced migraine headaches. It’s possible by correcting the underlying cause of migraines that most health care professionals overlook. This cause of migraines puts pressure on the brainstem, nerves, and vertebral arteries. The only way to correct it is with a very gentle, very safe, very specific procedure. This isn’t the case for “everyone”, but those that have this problem are getting their life back once we correct this underlying problem.

Please watch the short video below to find out how this all works.

Rassel Chiropractic Center's updated office hours

Updated Office Hours

In an effort to better serve you, we have updated our office hours. Effective tomorrow, March 16, we’re open from 8am to 6pm (Monday-Friday), and 8-9:30am (Saturday).

To schedule your wellness appointment or for any other inquiries, call 760-489-0303 today.

Rassel Chiropractic Center's updated office hours


Get Limber for Golf

The golf courses are calling your name – but before you head out for a morning of 18 holes, we want you to think about your pre-golf game. We’ve seen quite a few golfers in our office, so in light of this, we thought a blog post about warming up for golf and keeping your body ready for the game would be helpful.

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You Don’t Need To Be In Pain

No one wants to be in pain, but so many people are living with constant and daily pain. The most common sources of pain are back, pinched nerve, or headaches. All three are very treatable and with some attention from us and some new daily routines, you can be on your way to living a pain-free life.

While every person is different, there are a few things you can do now to help lessen the pain you’re in. Of course, we do want to see you so we can give you a complete assessment and develop a full treatment plan that will have you feeling 100%.

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Tall, Strong, Straight – Let’s Talk Posture

You know how important it is to stand up and sit up straight – but like most of us, you likely find yourself slouching when sitting in a chair or when walking around. This is completely normal. It’s really not easy to always maintain perfectly straight good posture, but with some tips and advice you’ll learn how easy and vital it is to stand and sit tall.

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Sports Injuries Happen – Don’t Ignore Them – Heal Them!

Running, weight lifting, swimming, yoga, tennis, cycling, kayaking, walking, etc. are all wonderful for our physical, mental and emotional health. These kinds of activities help us build strong muscles, help to contribute to bone mass and allow us to calm our minds and release stress.

But, the flipside to all this exercise and sport is the impact it can place on our muscles, ligaments, tendons, joints, and spine. Overuse-related injuries can strain your ankles, hips, knees, shoulders, tendons, ligaments and muscles. The good news is that chiropractic is an ideal way to heal your body from this stressor and to ensure you strengthen any of your weak areas, helping to prevent these injuries from happening again.

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Say Good-Bye to Back Pain

Ouch, my aching back! How many times have you said this or have heard someone else say it? Honestly, there is nothing worse than a sore and painful back.

If you are experiencing back pain or have experienced it, you know that this kind of pain is one that cannot be ignored. When your back is sore, it can be impossible to get comfortable. Sitting hurts. Standing is painful. Sleeping is impossible. Doing routine day-to-day activities like driving the car, playing with the kids, cooking a meal and sitting in a chair at work all day become very unpleasant experiences.

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You Don’t Need to Live with Headaches and Migraines

If you’re like nine out of ten Americans, you’ve suffered from a headache or migraine. It’s not easy to ignore the intense pressure and pain that comes with a migraine. For many of you this intensity is combined with blurred vision, nausea, extreme sensitivity to light and the inability to sleep.

Common and typical treatments for migraines and headaches include resting in a dark quiet room, taking some type of painkiller and for many of you simply trying to “ignore the pain”. And if you’re like most of us, you know that these traditional forms of treatment really don’t do much. Instead you’re left with pain and no way to get it to subside. This cycle continues each and every time you experience a headache or migraine.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Chiropractic

It’s normal to have questions about chiropractic treatment. In fact, we encourage questions – we want you to be informed about all aspects of chiropractic and fully understand how you’ll be treated. At any time during your visit with Dr. Rassel, please do speak up when you have questions about your treatment, treatment plan and overall wellness.

We thought it would be useful for you if we put together a list of the most common questions about chiropractic. The list below is by no means a definitive list but we hope it will help you better understand chiropractic and remember – feel free to ask us whatever you want about chiropractic and your care. We care about your well-being and want to make sure you know all you need to about chiropractic treatment.

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